Currently, we have 12 teams in our program. Scroll down to learn more about each of those teams.

Photo of Team 9181A


9181A has a mix of first-year and second-year robotics students, five members in all. For this year they wish to perform at the higheset standard, yet still make time for some fun!

Photo of Team 9181C


We are a robotics team comprised of Grade 12 and 11 students, who are very passionate about Robotics and STEM. We like to have fun, order food and somehow do well at competitions.

Photo of Team 9181D


9181D have their eyes set on the World Championships, since they qualified last year but it was cancelled. As a team of four grade 12 students, this is their last opportunity to qualify for worlds.

Photo of Team 9181F


9181F is one of the two grade 9 robotic teams from Seaquam. Their devotion to the program allows them to create fresh ideas for building the best robot they possibly can.

Photo of Team 9181J


We started fresh this year with one new member this year! As a second year team we are focused on learning and becoming more and more competitive.

Photo of Team 9181M


9181M is composed of Michael Yang, Vincent Chung, Alex Jiang and Joshua Gilevich. We will be using past knowledge while working tirelessly to compete with the best.

Photo of Team 9181N


We are a new second-year team originating from three other teams. We are eager to learn and compete during this robotics season and hope to see you on the competitive field.

Photo of Team 9181R


We don't know what we're doing, but please give us all your C-Channels lol. In all seriousness we hope to learn a lot in our first year of Robotics!

Photo of Team 9181S


We are a 3 person team from Seaquam Secondary. Our communication and competitive spirit fuels our innovative designs, which we showcase at competitions.

Photo of Team 9181V


9181V, a team held together by 5 students all with 2+ years of competitive robotics working vigorously to make our robot the best it can be.

Photo of Team 9181W


This year 9181W strives to perform excellently in competitions as we are intend to retain our title of B.C. Mainland Regional Champions.

Photo of Team 9181X


We are a robotics team comprised of four senior students from Seaquam Secondary. We constantly strive to improve our skills and help others along the way.