Matéo Rodriguez

Dhruv Goel

Albert Lin

Jeremy Wu

9181D is a senior VEX team with 4 members. Matéo is the driver, primary programmer and designer. Albert works on the autonomous with Matéo and builds. Dhruv and Jeremy also take large roles in building the robot. They have their eyes set on the World Championships, since they qualified last year for the first time, but it was cancelled. As Grade 12 students, they want to qualify for and hopefully attend worlds.

Current Members

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Grade 12
Photo of Dhruv



Grade 12
Photo of Albert



Grade 12
Photo of Jeremy



Grade 12

Team History

Most of us have been competing since grade 9, during In The Zone. During our first year we learnt the fundamentals of VEX building, programming and design. In grade 10 we competed in VEX Turning Point, we qualified for provincials through skills and we were one game from qualifying for the World Championships. During the grade 10 year we learnt to create more structurally sound and advanced mechanisms, as well as incorporating rotation based autonomous and sensors to our design. In grade 11 we were very comfortable and confident in our skills. As we competed in Tower Take Over we consistently placed high in tournament qualification rounds, losing normally only happened once per tournament in qualifications. Once we had settled on a suitable design for the year we excelled and qualified for provincials through the Tournament Champion and Skills Champion awards. We then qualified for Worlds with the skills score we had previously set, however after designing a unique robot for Worlds it was announced that it was officially cancelled.

Our Recent Awards