Julian Pietaroia

Reade Legal

Vincent He

We have 3 members on our team who are all in grade 11, one of us is in their 4th year, one in their 3rd, and the last member is in their first year. Finding what to modify or add onto the robot is always discussed and thought out. This year 9181W strives to have fun and perform excellently in competitions as we are intending to do retain our title of B.C. Mainland Regional Champions.

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Grade 11
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Grade 11
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Grade 11

Team History

9181W has been in the program for one full year but we were previously known as 69991C Shawkbots. Using that license plate, they made it to provincials as first years. Particularily in Seaquam, this started trending as a sort of meme. This was the year that we at Seaquam actaully had more team plates qualifying for provincials than the actual teams registered. This meant that the then 9181W took the 69991C licence place from the Shawnigan Robotics Program. Nowadays, 69991C is forever a team that signifies Seaquam Robotics Excellence and goes to show how dedicated some teams are to attending provincials.

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